Marie Curie Street Collection (and other news)

Marie Curie Collection 1
Morpeth Lions members and helpers with Superdrug staff members before braving the icy blasts when collecting for Marie Curie.

Here are two conundrums with relatively easy answers. ‘When is Morpeth Lions Club not Morpeth Lions Club?’ The answer is when it becomes a Registered Charity in its own right.

Recently due to Charity Commission changes, each Lions Club, instead of being covered by the national organisation’s charity status has been obliged to register separately. So now, Morpeth Lions Club becomes The Lions Club of Morpeth – Registered Charity number 1175272. Hopefully this will not cause any confusion and in view of its 45 year history, the members will still be thought of as Morpeth Lions.

Next question is ‘When are Morpeth Lions not Morpeth Lions?’. The answer to this one is ‘When the members give support to another Charity’. Recently the members turned out on a bitterly cold Saturday to help the Marie Curie organisation that gives so much help in our region to cancer patients.

Nationally, the Lions organisation has undertaken a commitment of at least 3 years to help with Marie Curies’ ‘Daffodil Appeal’. On that basis, the Newcastle based fundraising organiser asked if the Lions would help out with a Street collection they had arranged – hosted at Superdrug. Thirteen members volunteered and with helpers Ian Nelson and Alison Mills collected a magnificent total of £754.74 from a generous public who obviously are pleased to help the wonderful charity.

The Lions Club of Morpeth only has one Street Collection a year. So whilst you might recognise a Morpeth Lion collecting on the streets, the Club is not usually collecting for the benefit of the funds it distributes.

If you like what we do and want to show your support – follow The Lions Club of Morpeth on facebook here.


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