A Christmas Gift for the Wansbeck Valley Food Bank

Recently, Margaret Trewick, President of the Lions Club of Morpeth had pleasure in presenting a cheque for £1000 to Linda Fugill, Project Manager of Wansbeck Valley Food Bank.

Margaret said to Linda ‘In years past, Morpeth Lions has collected donations in Morrisons, Morpeth in December. We then arranged for food parcels to be made up and delivered just before Christmas to numerous households in the area. Wansbeck Valley Food Bank undertakes a similar role throughout the year with the benefit of its many professional contacts who identify the most needy. We felt that in anticipation of this December’s collection from the ever generous Morrisons’ customers, money raised would be best put to use by supporting the excellent work you provide for the less fortunate in our communities. By making the donation now, the food bank should be able to stock up before the Christmas rush’

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