The Lions Club of Morpeth remembers Emma Evans

Four years ago Morpeth Lions planted a woodland bank in the town’s Carlisle Park to celebrate the Club’s 40th anniversary. The tree planting was inspired by the botanist William Turner, the father of English botany, who lived in the town.

This could not have been achieved without the considerable help of Emma Evans from the County Council’s Parks Department. Emma advised on the trees, all of which featured in William Turner’s ‘Herbal’, a definitive work on plants and their remedial properties. Emma was also not adverse to mucking in with the planting and weeding and supplying the Lions with regular cuppas and biscuits.


Tragically Emma died of cancer last year at a very young age. Her colleagues at the Council and the former Borough Council together with various organisations in the town decided to pay a lasting tribute to Emma within Carlisle Park. The proposal was for 14 trees to be planted alongside the landmark 100 steps. Along with other local organisations, The Lions Club of Morpeth was invited to plant one of the trees.

Club Environment Officers Chris Offord and Les Brindley were honoured to join in the planting ceremony and planted a Sessile Oak tree. Eventually this should grow to between 20 and 40 metres high, providing a habitat for wildlife. It is planned to plant native bluebells under the trees.

Lion, Chris Offord said ”Emma was a true friend of Lions and Les and I were delighted to plant the oak in her memory.”

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