An artistic tribute…

Earlier this year, Morpeth School pupils were asked to enter designs for the planters in the town’s Market Place.  The theme for the paintings was ‘Morpeth Heroes’.  The entries were displayed in the Town Hall and a variety of them were categorised as Winners or Runners up. These were the ones selected for the planters.

Two of the entries featured the Lions Club of Morpeth and one of them is proudly positioned on a planter.  Lion Simon Pringle noticed the planter and on notifying the Club Members it was decided that the artists should receive a small token to encourage their artistic endeavours.  The funds, however, are not from the Charity Account but from monies the members contribute themselves for administration purposes.

Accordingly, with co-operation from Town Hall staff, it was established that the two artists – Eleanor Banks and Grace DeCosta – had transferred from Abbeyfields School, where they had painted the entries, to Newminster School.  On making contact with their parents, it was arranged that the tokens would be presented next to the planter bearing Eleanor’s design.  In the meantime, when getting the tokens from local art supplies shop ‘Lateral Arts’ and explaining the background,  the owners, Steve and Fiona Greenaway, generously agreed to match fund the awards.

Planter 1
PHOTO: (L-R)  Grace DeCosta, Lion Les Brindley, Eleanor Banks and Lion President Richard Nash.

When the presentation was made, Lion President Richard Nash said ‘As a Club we do our best to help our community.  It is gratifying that you, Eleanor and Grace, have recognised this by making us the subject of your paintings.  It gives me great pleasure to present you with these vouchers, on behalf of the Lions Club of Morpeth, and hope they will encourage your artistic talents’.

It would seem, however, that Grace is not the only artist in the family as a design by her twin sister Freya appears on another planter.

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