What is ‘Dickens of a Draw’?

The Dickens of a Draw is an annual Morpeth Lions event which has used the power of community to raise over £100k in the last 25 years.

So what is Dickens of  Draw?

Dickens of a Draw perfectly demonstration of the power of community. We use our connections to pull together a range of fantastic prizes – all donated by local people and organisations. This year Parkdean and Linden Hall Hotel have contributed our top prizes.

The cost of the Draw is financed in full by the Lions Club of Morpeth.

Who benefits from Dickens of a Draw?

Any local cause, club or organisation can benefit. The Lions Club of Morpeth receive requests for tickets and then distribute them, free of charge, in October. Whatever each recipient raises, they keep. It’s simple!

The Lions Club then collects each completed ticket stub, manages the draw and contacts the winners.

Last year 24 local clubs, charities and causes raised a collective £4,000.

DOAD Presn 1
Local community fundraisers collecting their funds from the 2017 Dickens of a Draw

When is it drawn?

This year we will make the draw on Tuesday 18th December.


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