Parcel appeal – we need donations to help local families

It’s the most wonderful time of the year isn’t it?

At the Lions Club of Morpeth we believe that Christmas brings out the best in everyone. In fact we rely on it. Each year we work with the local authorities to get a much needed helping of Christmas magic to the families in our community who need it most.

This year is no different. In fact this year the list is longer than ever.

This list consists of local families in crisis. We ensure every single child receives a Christmas surprise from their community. What could illustrate the magic of Christmas and the power of community better than that..?

If you would like to help us – please donate here, we’ll do the rest!

Every single penny donated is guaranteed to go to a local family.

Click here to make a donation.

Don’t forget – you can keep up to date with all of the Lions Club’s community service projects by following us @morpethlions on twitter and facebook.

One thought on “Parcel appeal – we need donations to help local families

  1. […] Robin Cooper has, for many years, been a link to the county’s Youth Support team.  As a result, he has stored furniture and household goods that have been given to families in need.  Additionally Christmas in his house has been like a Santa’s Grotto due to him and many Lions families collecting toys for distribution to children who were likely to receive little else. […]


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